My experience in programming is not the most conventional. My musical incursion should be something that I shouldn’t talk about in here but I think that it brought me enrichment in innumerous areas; workgroup, persistence, will force etc. Music brought me cultural richness and made me an open minded person, receptive to new and unknown experiences.

At an early age I showed a great interest by computers.I remember that in the mid 80’s my parents offered me a Timex 2068, an American version of the well known ZxSpectrum. I started there a healthy obsession with these machines and immediately started to program in BASIC and evolved later to the so called Machine Code.

This relation lasted for a few years but it was abruptly interrupted when my mother had the idea of offering me a Guitar. Another one of my passions started there: MusicI became a music student and went to the Conservatório Regional de Setúbal so I could have some classic education.The passion by the electric guitar made me get away from the classical studies because I became interested in musical areas like Jazz, Funk and Soul.

I became a professional musician. Played with some Portuguese bands, such as: Charlie & the BluesCats (Blues), Blackout (Funk&Soul), Password (Fusion Jazz), Marta Dias (World music), Kika Santos (Soul). I recorded some CD’s and travelled around the world as a musician.

After a few years in music, with a relative success, my father had the idea of offering me a PC. I started there a forgotten passion I had: computers and programming. Since then I’ve never stopped. I do not have a formal education in computer sciences but I think my experience speaks for itself.

I’ve been working with some companies in Portugal which offered me the chance to develop many interesting products and solutions and so my experience is a result of all that.


  • 1996 (6 Months) – Programmers Course in industrial computer science – Cobol, Pascal and Fortran, DBase.
  • 1995-1999 – Classic Guitar course at the Conservatório Regional de Setúbal.
  • 2001 (1 Year) – Superior Course at the Escola Superior de Educação de Setúbal – Curso de professores do ensino básico vertente educação musical (licenciatura).
  • 2006 (2 weeks) – Advanced course in Kofax Ascent Capture in EAD, given by Dicom Portugal.
  • 2007 (2 Weeks) – C# 2.0 Advanced course – given by SETCOM group sa.